Back pain, neck pain, and even poor circulation in the extremities can take a toll on your health, and may be a result of poor spinal alignment. If you have poor posture, a misaligned spine can cause a variety of health problems and requires professional adjustment.

  • Techniques

We are trained in a number of chiropractic techniques, more information about which is supplied below.

This is the most common specific manipulative technique used by chiropractors. It is a technique which may utilise more than one method. It will involve spinal adjustment, and generally results in a popping sound.
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Activator Technique
Activator technique is a gentle, low-force program of chiropractic care. The Activator technique uses a unique system of administering spinal adjustments using Activator analysis and an Activator instrument to initiate the correct movement of the vertebra in a predetermined direction.
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Drop Techniques
A specific technique for adjustment of the full spine on a special table. The adjusting table with a segmented drop system quickly lowers the section of the patient’s body corresponding with the spinal region being adjusted.
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Acupuncture/Dry Needling
This technique combines modern western Trigger Point theories with traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Fine needles are inserted to stimulate trigger points, creating a small inflammatory reaction and stimulating the body's own pain relieving and anti-inflammatory mechanisms.
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Flexion-distraction involves the use of a specialized table that gently distracts or stretches the spine and which allows the chiropractor to isolate the area of disc involvement while slightly flexing the spine in a pumping rhythm. There is no pain involved in the treatment.
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